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CSF member Alekhya Rajasekaran is a CSF 2021 Seymour Memorial Award Central Region Finalist!

Dear Jeff Hohne,


Your California Scholarship Federation (CSF) chapter member Alekhya Rajasekaran has been selected as a Central Region finalist for the CSF 2021 Seymour Memorial Award.


Ten nominees from the Central Region have been selected as finalists.  Alekhya must participate in the Central Region Seymour Memorial Award Zoom Interview in order to receive the award.  Each finalist who fully participates in the Seymour Memorial Award Zoom Interview will be awarded $2000.  Following the Zoom Interview, one of the finalists will be chosen as the Central Region Seymour Memorial Award Recipient.  The Seymour Memorial Award Recipient will be announced at the CSF Virtual Awards Presentation on April 17, 2021 at 9 am, and will receive an additional $3000.


More information about CSF and the Seymour Memorial Award is available on our website


The Seymour Memorial Awards were established to honor both Charles F. Seymour and Marian H. Seymour, who together supplied the inspiration and leadership which fostered the California Scholarship Federation.  The Seymour Memorial Award is regarded as one of the highest scholastic honors given to high school students in the state of California.


We appreciate the support you give to CSF and the efforts of CSF Adviser Tanay Perez, Rebecca Jolly, and Jerry Perez who encourage CSF members to excel both academically and in community service.


A complete list of finalists will be published on our website and on social media in early March.


Yours truly,

Seymour Memorial Award Committee

California Scholarship Federation