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    Welcome to Educator Support Services!

    Visalia Unified School District is proud to provide a variety of systems and support to all teachers. Principals, check out the easy-access resources at the bottom of this page.

    • Visalia Unified Induction Clear Credential Program:  Earn your Clear Credential through our accredited Induction program.  Multiple subject, single subject, and education specialist preliminary credential holders are eligible to participate in this two-year, job-embedded experience that is focused on the mentor/candidate relationship and goal setting through an Individual Learning Plan which helps to document growth and celebrate success!  For more information on eligibility, please click here Induction Application or scroll to the bottom of this page.
    • Mentoring Support: All teachers who have not yet cleared their credentials receive a one-on-one mentor who will provide support and guidance throughout the entire school year.
    • High Quality Mentor Training:  All mentors receive training in how to identify the needs of their protegees and how to best provide individualized coaching.
    • Classroom Management Series:   First year teachers participate in our classroom management series which guides them in how to create their own routines and procedures to ensure a safe and welcoming classroom environment.
    • Clear Credential Qualified single subject and multiple subject preliminary credential holders can clear their credentials through our accredited Teacher Induction Program.
    • Veteran Teacher Support:  Having challenges with common core?  Need a boost in confidence?  Request a mentor through your principal.  Principals, contact Doug Cardoza or Shelly Groom for more information on supporting veteran teachers.  
    • It's All About the Students:  By ensuring a highly effective and well supported teacher in every classroom, all students will experience success both socially and academically. Reference: On Student Achievement by Harry K. Wong
    Your VUSD Educator Support Team 
    Michael Wilson Mwilson01@vusd.org  
     If you have any questions please email or contact us at: 559.735.8181


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